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Delivering fine high quality, artisan-made headwear with a sustainable impact and sharing our unique lifestyle with every hat carefully handcrafted for you. We believe in genuine craftsmanship, premium material, local production, and ethical behavior. The sourcing of exclusive materials and the accompanying artisanal handcrafted manufacturing of our hats builds the bedrock of WINNIEY.
This is a extremely lovely and exceedingly well made hat in, let's say, the "Poet Tradition" and it looks oh-so-30s with dimensions that call back to the late 20s. In short: it's awesome and worth every cent of it's price!
Joe Furey
The hat is absolutely fantastic. The best quality and the bad is spot on as requested. Very hard to distinguish from more expensive brands.
Daniel Newman
Best place to purchase a fedora !! Recommend it for everyone
Miguel Gomez
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